DP 101

I remember when I first started using Digital Performer with v5 how disorientating it was. Having spent years before with another sequencer the interface, terminology, & workflow were very different from anything I’d encountered before.With that in mind I’ve started putting together some screen-casts, really simple basic stuff, aimed at getting new DP users up and running. Nothing advanced, after all that’s what the manual’s for, but hopefully might be useful to someone. 

 I’ll add to these as and when I have time, but if you have suggestions for things you think should be included then let me know.

A quick run through the basics of adjusting to tempo and slicing audio :-

Stretch & Slice

The Loop Tool - Needing to loop but confused by the absence of MIDI clips? The solution lies in one of DP’s most underused tools… :-

The Loop Tool